The Winners

Dean Singleton: Pulls the plug from Denver after running his third Texas newspaper into the ground; won't deny he got away with millions.

Chronicle publisher Richard J.V. Johnson and president Gene McDavid: Capitulation of the Post is the capstone of their careers; when Hearst bought their paper in 1987 for $415 million, Chronicle lore has it that Johnson promised Hearst the Post would be out of business in five years. If so, he was only three years off.

Steve Olafson: Veteran Post reporter becomes first post-Post hire by the Chronicle; had spurned a previous offer from the larger paper and was rewarded by the Post with a raise.

Former Post publisher Ike Massey and vice president for advertising Greig Smith: Singleton says he's "talking to them about various opportunities" in his companies.

Post business writer Beverly Narum: Accepted a job at the Austin American-Statesman the Friday before the fall, but did not give notice; she not only has a job, but will receive eight weeks going-away pay from the Post.

Post classified advertising director Carl Bates: Jumped to the Birmingham, Alabama, paper one week before the closing.

Houston Press: Full disclosure dictates that we at least acknowledge the possibility...

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