There's Plenty Of Gas, As Long As You Don't Need Premium

Unlike the

gas shortage

in Georgia and other southern states, fuel supplies here in Houston have pretty much returned to normal.

Unless you're looking for premium gas.

Many stations have focused on getting as much regular gas as possible, leaving consumers who use premium gas scrambling.

Since they are mostly the kind of people who drive BMWs or other luxury vehicles, sympathy may be limited, but it's still becoming a bit of a struggle.

And there's been some gouging.

Dan Parsons of the Houston Better Business Bureau says he's heard of stations charging five bucks a gallon, and selling it like it was black-market gold.

"They'll tell people 'I know where you can get some, but it's gonna cost you," he says.

Maybe you should have thought of that before you bought that Beemer, dude.

-- Richard Connelly

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