This Just In: Terry Abbott Leaves HISD

Terry Abbott, for years the spokesman for the alleged “Houston Miracle” of HISD, the man who spun Rod Paige into a conservative saint serving well above his abilities as U.S. Department of Education, is leaving the school district.

Abbott announced in a press release the official confirmation of what he called “maybe the worst-kept secret in town” – that he’s leaving to form a PR group with a former assistant.

We’re not sure how “worst-kept” the secret was, but we do know it comes at time when superintendent Abe Saavedra seems to be on ever-thinner ice with the board.

Any references to types of animals, and ships that might not be floating as well as they used to, will go unsaid.

Godspeed, Terry Abbott: the spokesman who would never answer a reporter’s question unless it was sent in writing. We hope to find you one day pitching a story on one of your clients. No phone calls, please. – Richard Connelly


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