Those Pesky Reporters, Asking Questions

After an emotional

council meeting

that ended with a member walking out and therefore losing a quorum, there are increasing signs of panic among the leaders of Galveston.

Editor & Publisher reports via the Galveston County Daily News that Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas and City Manager Steve LeBlanc have ordered city employees to stop talking to the media, always a sure indication that things have gotten out of hand.

Leigh Jones, the Twittering Daily News reporter, had this along those lines: "Officials giving hesitant answers to questions about martial law."

Love or hate the media, when a government bureaucracy goes into a defensive hunker-down mentality, it's not because things are going great.

We've got people on the island (or, perhaps, still stuck in a traffic jam trying to get to the island; we'll let you know what we hear.

-- Richard Connelly


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