Three Brothers Bakery Reopens
Photo by Robb Walsh

Three Brothers Bakery Reopens

I picked up my first loaf of seeded rye at the newly reopened Three Brothers Bakery on South Braeswood yesterday morning, along with $5 worth of poppy seed strudel. Then I promptly ran home and stuffed my face. I would have bought a loaf of challah too, but it was sold out already.

Boy, did I ever miss this place. Three Brothers Bakery was destroyed by Ike last summer and underwent extensive rebuilding. The interior has been completely remodeled, and the new set-up is much more spacious.

The store opened for business two days ago, and employees are still getting some of the kinks out of the new computerized cash register. "Come back on July 1 for the Grand Opening party," the woman at the counter said. The bakers are working on a giant three-tiered cake with little replicas of the three brothers on top for the occasion.


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