Tidal Wave

Last month we asked Houston's high school kids to send us photos of water, and we got caught in a tidal wave of quality. This was probably our best batch yet, which is why we're happy to hand out six awards.

First place goes to Marielle B. Reiersgard, of the Tenney School. Her photo of a water-dripped kiwi was awash in color.

Taylor High School's Willie Xu takes home second place. Xu has been a frequent contender in our monthly contests, and his shot of Paris was absolutely heavenly.


high school photographers

Bellaire High School's Diego Olvera, another frequent contender, gets third place for a downtown shot featuring a model and her reflection.

Honorable mentions go to Kayla Lamberg, of Hightower High School, for her flamingo in water, and Danielle Riley, of the Westchester Academy of International Studies, for her bath water frozen in time. And our readers' choice award goes to Miranda Hester, of Pearland High School, for her upward shot of the Water Wall.

All winners will receive bookstore gift certificates and will be entered in the end-of-year competition for a $1,000 college scholarship. This month's theme is food, glorious food. Send all entries to studentphotos@houstonpress.com. Check houstonpress.com for more details. And don't forget to eat your veggies.

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