Tomball Leaves Nation's Illegal-Immigrant Problem Unsolved

Tomball lets cooler heads prevail, thereby dooming America
Tomball lets cooler heads prevail, thereby dooming America

The Tomball City Council, despite a packed hall that included many non-residents, decided not to jump into the illegal-immigration debate last night.

You might call it common sense, or you might call it further evidence that Muslims and Mexicans have planted sleeper agents on the Tomball City Council, but after a long meeting the members decided not to bar illiegal immigrants from owning a business or renting property in town.

They also decided against declaring English to be the official language of Tomball, for which we're sure English is grateful.

Those proposals, and a discussion on whether to keep a 10-year-old day-laborer site open, stemmed from new council member Derek Townsend.

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"Let's make this perfectly clear. It's not about race. It's about legalities," Townsend said at the meeting.

Council members decided that adopting the proposals would not benefit Tomball, the Houston Chronicle reported, and the ban on businesses would open the city to big courtroom costs.

"I'd sure hate to take our people down that route," said City Councilman Rick Brown. "It's lawsuit after lawsuit."

Media outlets reported the council chambers was packed for the hours-long meeting, including Tea Party types from outside the city, who are no doubt simply concerned about Tomball's well-being.

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