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Top Houston Songs, High-Tech Turntables, Dave Matthews

What? How could you fail to include "On My Block" by Scarface, "from the south side of Houston Texas"? ["The H-Town 20," by John Nova Lomax and Chris Gray, September 27.] I am white, female and AARP-eligible, but that is one of my iPod top choices.

Sheila Sorvari

Online readers weigh in:


top Houston songs

Classic "Boots": Did you really leave off H-Town's "Knocking Boots"? That's a classic. There's no telling how many illegitimate babies were made listening to that song.


Two more: I went through the list and didn't notice either of these being mentioned. I wonder if they qualify. These are both Roy Orbison songs, recorded by a Houstonian (I believe) named Gene Thomas, that have disappeared off the map. To my knowledge, neither Orbison nor anyone else ever recorded these. One is "Baby's Gone Away." The other is "The Last Song," which, in my day and age, always finished any senior prom or high school dance. Does anyone remember these?

Also, did I miss "Rhythm of the Falling Rain" somewhere on the list? This was a huge national hit by a Houston group.

Jay Francis

Thanks, Jay: "Baby's Gone" shows up in the Joel Whitburn book of Billboard Top Pop Singles as peaking at No. 84 on the charts in 1963. I can't find "The Last Song" in there; must have been a regional thing.

I also found a song called "Rhythm of the Rain," but not "Rhythm of the Falling Rain." "Rhythm of the Rain" came out in 1963 and is credited to a group called the Cascades, who are described as being from San Diego.

John Nova Lomax

Bone pickin': It's nice to see The Judy's make the top 20, especially nice since that was in the first group of songs I mentioned in the first reply to your original blog. A few comments:

1) Would perhaps one song per artist have made a little more sense, unless it was warranted due to icon status, i.e., Kenny Rogers/ZZ Top?

2) There's too much rap/hip-hop/Destiny's Child. Big Moe, what a joke.

3) There's no Blue October, tsk tsk tsk; wait till I point this out to my friends. No band in the last 20 years has represented this wonderful city as well as Blue October (save for Japanic, and that is only my personal bias talking).

4) There's no Japanic and no Groceries. Sure, I know you have your personal vendetta against the Groceries singer and all, but Japanic was a very bright spot for this town, and I know you know this. I slightly forgive you because I know you are tied to the hip with the former dead horse singer or whatever, but I'm sure you will find some way to spin him some positive press even though you left them out. That "Booty­licious" is on this list and not Japanic's "Orpheus Express" furthers your already widespread reputation as one of the biggest tools in town.


JNL responds: 1) Possibly so, but this is supposed to be about the best songs, not a quota.

2) Disagree vehemently.

3) I barred all songs from 2003 on. B.O.'s most famous work came after that.

4) Why can't you people ever get past my belief that Mike Haaga's music is awesome (there I go again)? Here you go picking at that when I don't mention dead horse or his solo work.

And I'm glad to be a tool. Tools are useful and sharp. I'd rather be a hammer than a nail...

John Nova Lomax


Beyond Technics: The article on vinyl was excellent [“Vinyl Heads,” by Chris Gray, September 20]. I want to point out a couple of things. Record players go far beyond the Technics used by DJs. There are several manufacturers out there making high-tech models in the $8,000-$20,000 range. Also, it has been reported that in 2006, vinyl outsold SACD and DVD-Audio combined. These digital formats are having trouble gaining traction in the age of downloads, but records offer a sound that cannot be captured on any digital format — at least as of this writing!

Dion Ramos


Are you joking me? What part of your creative mind spawned this random attack on Dave Matthews ["Blame Dave," Wack, by Cole Haddon, September 20]? Did you not get laid last night, so you decided to go on a random blue-balled rant against some famous person? Or did situation No. 2 really happen to you? Regardless of how talented or, according to you, untalented he is, I just don't understand how you connect Matthews to your erectile dysfunction. If she did have a stripper-like body you so desire, regardless of what's playing in the background, wouldn't you be focused on other things, such as breasts, vagina or the like? Just a thought.

Amanda Podlesny
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Online readers weigh in:

Wow. This article was clearly written by someone who just has problems getting laid and, more importantly, lacks musical appreciation. Don't blame your own lack of success getting chicks in the sack on one of the best musicians on the planet. If you had half the talent contained in Dave Matthews's pinky finger, you'd probably be more of an asset to society.

I'm not sure if you've ever thought about this while you were pissing and moaning about limp dicks and cock blocking, but it is called the Dave Matthews Band, ya know. There are four, five and sometimes even six guys standing up there with him rocking everyone's socks off. Carter Beauford is arguably one of the best drummers ever. Even if you don't like Dave's voice or you're not into the jam band genre, you can still appreciate the amazing musical talent that each one of these guys possesses. Try to be a little more positive, buddy.


Ha! So true! Dave has got to be the most overplayed, overhyped band ever (well, not more than Nickelcrap). Then again, you have to appreciate the guy for playing the same stoner music for the last ten-plus years and still getting paid for it.



In the October 4 issue of the Houston Press, we truly wish we had run a photo of Derek Black, the general manager/wine director at Rattan Pan-Asian Bistro + Wine Bar, along with his fantastic "5 Wines" column. Instead, we ran a photo of Rafael Espinal of Prego.

We regret the error.


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