Transmission Dome, As Useful As The Current Dome, To Be Torn Down

RIP, Transmission Dome
RIP, Transmission Dome
Photo via Slampo

Photo via Slampo
RIP, Transmission Dome

Harris County politicians take note: it


possible to tear down a decrepit, useless Dome.


, website of record for notable demolitions, reports this morning that the hallowed Transmission Dome, at Chimney Rock and 59, is soon to be no more.

It has been empty for some time: noted local blogger Slampo had it on a death list two years ago while designating it a Commercial Landmark of Houston.

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We were never quite sure how the domed architecture made for better transmission work, but then again we felt the same way about the Dome and baseball seating.

As far as we know, there have been no proposals to transform the Transmission Dome into a movie studio or a gondola-filled resort, so a last-second reprieve is unlikely.

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