Transvestites Are Robbing Banks In Wharton. Wharton?

Transvestites Are Robbing Banks In Wharton. Wharton?
Photos courtesy FBI
The FBI usually tries hard to come up with a catchy nickname or description for the bank robbers they seek, but this time the robber did all the work himself.

We're guessing -- and we freely admit we could be wrong -- that the population of black transvestites in the sleepy rural town of Wharton does not threaten to reach double digits.

But one of them -- or maybe just a crossdresser with wanderlust -- robbed the Texas Gulf Credit Union yesterday.

"No one was fooled by the over six-foot tall man with big feet and hands wearing a wig and press on fingernails," FBI special agent Patricia Villafranca said. (Snap!!)

Transvestites Are Robbing Banks In Wharton. Wharton?
Maybe the good people of Wharton have been fooled one time too many at the end of what they thought was a promising date, and their transvestite-radar is finely tuned.

Official description of the guy, who used a snub-nosed revolver:

Black male with dark complexion, 6'0" to 6'1" tall, 180-190 pounds, mid twenties, with a deep voice, large hands and large feet. He was wearing a black wig with blonde highlights, a dark sweater, short pants, athletic shoes, and press on French manicured fingernails.

Villafranca noted that the robber was "wearing distinctive athletic shoes, which may help someone identify him."

Sneakers? No wonder the guy needed to rob a bank. His shoe budget is obviously shot to shit.

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