Traumatized Beyond Belief


Online readers respond to "You'll Be Shocked To Learn BARC Doesn't Much Seem To Care About Its Dead Dogs, Either," by Craig Malisow, Hair Balls blog, June 10:

Dude: You totally rock, Craig!




Greener: What the hell do you people want? With the city disposing of 30,000-plus animals every year, it would bankrupt the city if they had to use coffins. Besides, it's more environmentally correct not to use plastic bags. Bodies decay in years; plastic bags decay in centuries.

grumpy old dude

Filth: Currently, volunteers state, BARC is filthier than ever, with dogs kept in squalid conditions. A private citizen would be arrested for this.

Diane Seaton

Use a tarp: Thank you for missing the point, grumpy old dude, and caring so much for the environment, but ignoring the fact that these dogs were once living beings and 30,000-plus is not okay. How about they cover the truck with a tarp? Or do nothing, then drive down your street in front of your home and show your kids where Fido went.

Common Sense?

White hole: What's that I see mixed in with the dead? Is that Bill White's political career? Dude can't run the city pound. Heaven help us if he gets elected to higher office.


Stop it: If I were to be driving and look up and see this tragedy, I would be traumatized beyond belief. The insensitivity to the community displayed is inhumane and inhuman. Folks, this has got to stop.

Mary Ellen

Craig cares: Craig, you are really awesome. You pick up a great story and run with it. It is so sad that our elected officials do not give a rat's ass about BARC. Thank you for caring about our city. Change will come, I know it.

Chris Dodson

No grumps: Grumpy old dude does miss the point. The reason people who care are so upset about BARC is because of the immense suffering involved for these animals. I don't want to live in a culture made up of grumpy old dudes. If you get right down to it, why even have coffins for human bodies — death is death, right? Why have any respect for life at all? Everything ends up dying anyway, so just short-circuit the process. We are all going to die anyway, so why even care what kind of civilization we have — or don't have?


Thank you, Craig: You continue to publicize what is going on at BARC. I cringe every time I read about atrocities they continue to commit, but the only way to change their policies is to expose them.


Hell hole: When old White gears up for his senate run, so will I. I plan on shooting e-mails to every animal rescuer, animal advocate, animal lover and animal caretaker I know in Texas and send them some copies of articles about the old boy's achievement in helping, or should I say not helping, the animals in the City of Houston's hell hole, better known as BARC.

These idiots loading the truck are so stupid, they can't think for themselves. The city government didn't tell them to cover these poor animals up, so they didn't cover them. They aren't even smart enough, nor do they have the compassion, to care enough about the public, and we think they would care about the animals. Yeah, right. Obviously, they don't have a clue what animal care means. And that includes how they are treated until the very end of their ride. So sad!


Defending the Dolls

Online readers respond to "Aftermath: New York Dolls & Black Joe Lewis at the House Of Blues," by Craig Hlavaty, Rocks Off blog, June 5:

Another misguided review: The New York Dolls and Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears were solid tight and out of sight last night. The Dolls' set ran closer to an hour and 45 minutes — every minute a gem. It is so great to see a band of oldsters doing it strong some 30-odd years later. Calling Johansen and Sylvain second-tier to Kane and Thunders is insulting and misguided. It seems that you guys are more interested in unfunny, insulting snark than giving solid, fact-based reviews. The "rag-tag session men" who "can't be but half their respective ages," are seasoned professionals, all in their forties. Do a little research before you start your jibes.

The Dolls worked it with abandon last night, showing the scars of too much...well, everything, of course; but work it they did. Yours was one of a very few frowning faces leaving the show, I would bet. Black Joe Lewis and the crew were solid as always, cementing their status as the best thing to spill out of Austin since Harry Knowles's gut. Putting them on the bill was a stroke of huge-balled genius by The Dolls. They turned on the heat, and the New York Dolls sizzled. One more thing: Tamas Erdelyi, a.k.a. Tommy Ramone, is still alive. Douche.


Dear scribe: I didn't see the show in question, but your review betrays fairly serious ignorance of your subject. First, any discriminating listener would not consider Johansen and Sylvain subluminaries in the Dolls universe. Thunders had a great, signature guitar style, but Johansen co-wrote all of their classic material, and roughly a third of his co-writes were with Sylvain. Second, while their new accomplices are indeed younger, Conte, Yaffa and Delaney are not spring chickens. Yaffa was in Hanoi Rocks, a Dolls descendant that dates back to the '80s, for God's sake. Conte has gigged forever around the New York scene.

Johansen brings the lyric folio onstage as a nod to his bardic influences, not because he can't remember the lyrics. Think Ginsberg, not Steven Tyler. I have seen the band on three occasions in the past two years and can confirm that he isn't in need of a teleprompter. I have noticed a distressingly ahistorical and unsympathetic tone in many recent reviews of the band. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, given the state of contemporary rock journalism, or what passes for it.

Steve Wilson

God, I miss responsible journalism: I remember a day when rock criticism was more than just lobbing insults at bands you knew nothing about. I shudder to think about the history of rock and roll if critics had been this arrogant and dismissive in the early 1970s. Why the Press would send such an ignorant, narrow-minded young man, with an obvious ax to grind, to review this show, is a mystery. Hell, why you would send this hack out for coffee is a mystery. There is so much factually wrong with this piece, it boggles the mind. The Houston Press should be ashamed for running it. Don't you guys employ editors?

Jesus, at least put a fact-checker on the payroll, for crying out loud. I have a hard time believing this guy stayed for the entire show.



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