Turkeys Of The Year 2010: We Need Your Nominees

Illustration by Chad Crowe
Cecil Cooper's not around to get picked anymore

November is just around here so that means....temperatures should drop below the 90s at some point? We're just hoping.

It also means it's time to dole out the Houston Press' coveted Turkey of the Year awards, a tradition that goes back a lifetime, as measured by Houston historic standards.

It's clear that perennial Turkey of the Year candidate Tom DeLay's glory days are behind him, no matter how much he's trying to pump up his current trial.

Someone has to step into the pantheon. We need your suggestions on who that should be.

We don't want to plant any ideas, so we'll hold off on disclosing who the finalists under consideration are.

And remember, those who don't make Turkey of the Year can still win the title in their individual category, whether it's Sports Turkey, Musical Turkey, Political Turkey or whatever.

Here's last year's edition. Who should star in 2010?

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