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The Turks

Ruffled feathers: You seem to know us very well, but you have us at a disadvantage as we don't know you at all ["Turkeys of the Year," by Rich Connelly, November 22]. I guess you are so familiar with our silly work because you invested three minutes listening out of our 25 successful years and probably gathered a little anecdotal evidence from folks around the water cooler to issue a scathing opinion from on high. You could have called the show. We love to debate our worth. I guess we don't know you very well because we seldom remember to stop at the strip joint to pick up your fine publication.

We get that we are not the equal of a serious "journalist" and intellectual such as yourself — guilty as charged. We get that J.P. Pritchard has lost all credibility from reading a car ad, while you ­somehow get to keep yours writing for a great bastion of public service with 20 pages of ads for hand jobs and gay phone sex in every eagerly awaited issue. Hey, Rich, here is an original idea: Pray to whatever God you deem legitimate for the return of newspaper relevance. It's a tall order in 2007, but He is God.


Turkeys of the Year

John Walton
Clear Channel Houston

Bad news: What a great view on AM radio in Houston. I moved here in late 1981 to be an engineer at 96.5 KSRR, which was owned by ABC Radio. Even though the station was all music, they had two full-time news people and several news services. I never thought KTRH was great, but it was much better than it is now. KPFT, which has far less money, is actually trying to do local news.

Jack Valinski

From an online reader:

Gobsmacked: As an attorney for a large educational/research institution, I have been continually gobsmacked by the Priscilla Slade fiasco. Did all of their lawyers resign, screaming as they ran from this horror? And I miss what used to be good news and talk radio. I learned more crap about gardening and home repair than you can shake a stick at, and I knew what was going on in Houston. KTRH, rest in peace, because you've been killed.

Comment by Elizabeth

Ignorant Interview

Gritting teeth: The first thing stated in the GRiT Boys interview ["Ghetto Reality in Texas," by Shea Serrano, November 22] was that they were smart and even intelligent, but as I scrolled down the interview, there was nothing but "bitch" this, "nigga" that, etc. Why would you guys post such a horrible interview, and even worse, place it on the homepage as a major story? And the writer, Shea, repeating "bitch ass nigga" — what is his race? Why is he encouraging such harsh words? Not only are GRiT Boys ignorant, but the writer is ignorant as well, even more so for writing up such a story. This is a sad day in history.

CaT Cornelius

Divorce Drama

Online readers comment on "Comedian Steve Harvey Sued by Ex-Wife in Harris County District Court," Houstoned blog, November 20, by Chris Vogel:

Lawyer of one's own: So, he beat her and cheated on her, but she trusted his "legal advice" in terms of handling the divorce? Who the hell doesn't know you should have your own lawyer in a divorce, especially one involving millions of dollars?

Morris O'Kelly

Poor Mary: I stopped listening to this SOB after I met him in person and saw what he was really like. I feel sorry for Mary. She did not deserve to have one "put over" on her this way. That bastard got on the radio and bragged about how he made sure Mary got a "nice" settlement and all.

I hope there's something that can be done, aside from getting satisfaction from the lawyer and his firm. Steve Harvey should have to pay more than $1,000 a month child support. I get $1,300 a month child support, and my ex is a police ­officer.


What about Mike? Steve may be an ass, but Michael Jordan had an affair with a white female dating from 1989, the year his oldest son was born. That's why his wife filed for divorce the first time. The press has given him a pass, that's all. What is the difference between Mike and Steve, except for the amounts of money they have?


This is rank: The attorney should be disbarred if he failed to disclose to the court that he had a vested financial interest in the Harveys' marital estate. For years we heard Harvey brag about how wonderful Miss Mary was and what a great partner she was in his professional and personal life. If assets were acquired during the marriage, he needs to be fair and pay Miss Mary her fair share. I do agree that she should have had independent counsel and a forensic CPA to examine all of the books in the interest of full disclosure. If the allegations are true, Anderson needs to be disbarred, and he and Harvey both need to pay up.


Too Much Turkey

In the November 22 "Turkeys of the Year" article [By Richard Connelly], we wrote that KTRH news anchors Lana Hughes and J.P. Pritchard are now reading advertisements. Only Pritchard is doing ads. We regret the error.


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