Two Men Jump Out of the Way as Shards of Glass Rain Down From Houston Office Building

We don't like the look of that dangling granite, either
We don't like the look of that dangling granite, either
Photo By Melanie Pang

Just after 1 p.m. as the lunch crowd was making its way out of downtown restaurants and back to their office cubicles, the general peace was disturbed by one of those true OMG moments.

The wind was gusting pretty high when two guys sort of ran sideways on the sidewalk and glass from an office window at the corner of Louisiana and Dallas came crashing down. No one was hurt, but clearly it could have been lethal.

It was one of the offices in the Total Plaza building, across the street from CenterPoint Energy. In short order, a lot of guys in construction hats were swarming the scene and putting up yellow crime tape.

Nobody wanted to talk about it much afterword, but word on the street was they were blaming it on a bird flying into the window. A pretty big bird.

-- Margaret Downing

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