(UPDATED: He's Gone.) Breaking News: What's Up With Wayne Dolcefino and Channel 13?

It's well-known that Channel 13's Wayne Dolcefino has long been hounding Precinct 6 Constable Victor Trevino, so many thought it singularly strange that Ted Oberg broke the story of the veteran lawman's indictment last week.

He was AWOL through October sweeps. Indeed, he has not been on the air for six or seven weeks at all.

And if you click on Wayne Dolcefino's name under some stories on the station's website, you get this message:

"We didn't find any results for 'wayne dolcefino'. Explore more."

So we did. We clicked on the link to his official bio, and got this:

PAGE NOT FOUND We are sorry, but the URL you requested could not be found. The page you are looking for may have been renamed, moved, or deleted.

Hairballs Undercover pledges to stay atop this story. We will post more details as they come in.

UPDATE, 5:33 pm. We've received multiple reports that Dolcefino's departure from KTRK was announced on the five o'clock newscast.

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