US Attorney Resigns (Before The Rush?)

Democrats are obviously hoping that soon there will be a lot of resignations in the federal branch of government, but here in Houston the flood -- if there is to be one (Dewey Defeats Truman!) -- has begun.

U.S. Attorney Don DeGabrielle announced his resignation this morning; he's headed to the private sector to make big bucks. He's been US Attorney for a little over two years here but was a longtime assistant prosecutor in Houston before that.

He also served a stint as an FBI agent.

"Throughout my career as a prosecutor, my colleagues and I have recognized our obligation to earn and protect the trust and faith our positions represent to the American people and to see justice served. I had the best job in the world. I will miss it, but leave it in the capable hands of my colleagues," DeGabrielle said in a prepared statement.

Democratic criminal lawyers, already polishing their resumes to go along with their Obama campaign donations, can begin their maneuvering early.

-- Richard Connelly


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