DWS: Driving While Stabbing
DWS: Driving While Stabbing

Victoria Garrick, Multi-Tasker: Stabs Boyfriend While Driving

Women, amirite? You're driving down the highway and look over and there's some dame doing 70 mph while putting on her makeup.

Or stabbing someone.

Victoria Garrick, 21, faces aggravated assault charges for an incident yesterday morning on the Gulf Freeway.

She was driving a Kia Spectra with her two kids -- ages two and three -- in the backseat, and her boyfriend riding shotgun.

Somewhere along the way tensions rose, possibly over his desire to end the relationship, and Garrick allegedly did not let the fact she was driving on a highway with two kids deter her from stabbing the boyfriend in the neck.

The boyfriend told police he grabbed the wheel and steered the car to the side of the road and then jumped out. He ended up lying in one of the freeway's main lanes, but luckily he wasn't hit by any vehicles.

A Webster cop who was transporting a prisoner saw much of the incident and called HPD.

The boyfriend underwent surgery and is hospitalized in an unknown condition, and the children have gone to CPS.

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