Vinson & Elkins' Ron Kirk, Following In The DC Footsteps Of Vinson & Elkins' Alberto Gonzales

Media across the country are reporting that former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk is about to be named US Trade Representative by Barack Obama.

Kirk is a partner in the Houston law firm of Vinson & Elkins.

Now, there's nothing wrong with V&E, especially if you're a client like Enron who needs a lot of help working in the shadowy depths of vague law.

But this isn't the first time a V&E lawyer has been appointed to a high-profile position in a presidential administration.

Who was the last V&E guy to do it?

Alberto Gonzales.

He was with V&E for a dozen years before joining himself at the hip with George W. Bush and taking us all on a wonderful, wild, manic ride through one Constitutional desecration after another.

Can Kirk live up to the V&E example set by Gonzales? As the pundits say, only time will tell.

The lawyers at V&E are certainly hoping things are different this time around.

-- Richard Connelly


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