Virtual Vouchers

The Texas Senate Committee on Education has been busy today meeting on Sen. Kyle Janek's (R- Houston) bill which would allow school vouchers for low-income students in some of the more urban areas of the state including Houston, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth and San Antonio. Oh and the much-troubled North Forest ISD — and you really can't blame any parent for abandoning the public school system there.

And at the hearing, a familiar face from Houston popped up. Yes, a former public school superintendent testified once again in favor of private school vouchers. Apparently, the Houston area completely lost its way once...

Rod Paige, also the former U.S. Secretary of Education, left. So he showed up in Austin today to lobby for the private school choice.

Janek's proposal is similar to a bill that was shot down in the House in a previous legislative session. But the battle rages on for true believers.

Read more about it or watch it online here. -- Margaret Downing


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