Deals, deals, deals
Deals, deals, deals

Voice Deal Of The Day: Get In On It

Everyone loves to save money doing fun stuff, right?

Now there's a new way to do it. The Voice Deal of the Day is just what it sound like -- each day brings a new coupon to some Houston attraction. Today, for instance, it's $20 worth of food and beverages for only ten bucks at either of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas. Get your feed on (and your drink) while watching Machete. (Or wait a while, the coupon's good til mid-October.)

Sometimes the offer will be a Groupon-type thing, where the offer becomes valid if enough people sign up for it in time. If you've signed up and not enough others do, you don't get charged. (Update: Forget the Groupon thing -- you buy a coupon, it's good now matter how many others do.)

Follow the offers on Facebook or Twitter. There's bound to be something to catch your eye.


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