Wading It Out

Ryan's wrath (see "Sidewalk Shame").
Linda Ryan

Wading It Out

Few flood options: A big thank-you to Brian Wallstin and the Houston Press for keeping the plight of White Oak Bayou-area residents before the public ["Damage Control," December 13, and "Out of Control," December 20].

First there's the trauma of the flood, then the exhaustion -- physical and mental -- of six months or more of restoration, and then the reality that it could all happen again.

Every period of prolonged heavy rain is a gut-twisting nightmare. You don't sleep. You watch the bayou. The irony is that Phase Two of Creekside Estates South, in the upper White Oak Bayou area, was not in the floodplain when the houses were built. But now we are in the floodway.

Sell out? Who'd be fool enough to buy? Walk out? Most of us don't have the money to do that. We feel betrayed and virtually abandoned by our own county government. And our tax dollars support this mentality?

Sheila Wyborny

Weekend Warier

Gangs and house-hunting: Thank you for having the cojones to print the article "Gangstas in Paradise" [by Margaret Downing, December 6] regarding the gang problem in Galveston.

I have been looking for a house to buy there for a weekend place. Do you think the realtors would even hint at the problem there? No! (And I'm a realtor!) I finally realized on my own that there was a problem, and after seeing your article I was convinced. Again, thank you!

Terri Horton

Sidewalk Shame

Overhaul public works: In Houston, you can "Expect the Unexpected," especially if you're attempting to use the sidewalks for their intended purposes. The photo [at top], of Commonwealth just north of Westheimer, was taken a month ago -- the barrel has been there at least two months.

I enjoy your paper and look forward to more articles on the street and sidewalk quality in various neighborhoods in Houston ["Obstacle Courses," by Bob Burtman, June 25, 1998].

Linda Ryan

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