Waking Up with High School Musical 2

Remember that time your friend put up that fake MySpace profile and made you look like a tool? Or how about when you got stranded out on Richmond because your ride took off with someone of the opposite sex? Or that other time, when your ride took off with someone of the same sex? Yeah, that was one crazy night. But anyway…

It’s payback time, and one good way to say “eff you” to all your so-called friends is to wake them up with a call from two of the most annoying people in history.

That’s right. We’re talking about Ashley Tisdale and Corbin Bleu, from High School Musical 2. And for a limited time, you can click here and arrange it so your friends will receive prerecorded wake-up calls from the duo.

Sure, this service is designed for parents to use for their kids, but after one listen to these messages, a few of which we’ve uploaded below, you’ll realize waterboarding really isn’t that big of a deal. – Keith Plocek

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