Toni, Toni, TONI
Toni, Toni, TONI

Weather Week: Un-freeze My Heart, Say You'll Spring Me Again

Nothing like a one-hit wonder love ballad with an awkward phrase to put a little bounce in your step. When it comes to Houston weather, this week you won't need the heart-wrenching tones of Toni Braxton to make you want to leap up from your seat (and turn off the radio) because the weather should be wonderful.

A little breezy even windy conditions will mark this afternoon, but with temperatures in the mid 70s, no one should mind. Once winds die down, lovely springlike conditions will set in for the remainder of the work week with lows in the 50s and 60s and highs in the mid 70s -- smooth as a 90s R&B power ballad.

And it doesn't appear there is much chance of rain in the forecast either, until the weekend, when clouds roll back in and we increase our chances slightly.

Our most likely chance of rain -- your best opportunity to stand outside, arms outstretched like a music video (remember those?), and belt out a sad song to mourn the winter's passing -- comes later on Sunday and temperatures will again fall into the 60s.

But we've gotten our first real taste of spring, so don't waste it. Toni Braxton wouldn't.


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