Week in Photos: Maria Antoinette

Each week, we take a dip into the Houston Press Flickr pool and see what our talented photographers have been up to. Summer's winding down (haha, good one) and school is back in session. Are you spending your weekends tailgating? Enjoying happy hour now that the days are getting shorter? We want to see your photos. Just drop them in our photo group right here. Maybe you'll see them in this spot next week.

As always, for more information on a subject or photographer, just click on the photo.

Maria Antoinette
Eff You Anemia!

Bay Sunrise - Seabrook, Texas

drawing of The Bad Unicorn

Bitch! i'll make you think Little Red Riding Hood...

Rest In Peace

365.109 I Lost Myself Searching for You

The r/Houston Photo Project: HakeemOlajuwon


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