Weekend Weather: Break Out the Sunscreen

Even Loverboy hopes you aren't "Working for the Weekend."
Even Loverboy hopes you aren't "Working for the Weekend."

That nice bit of rain we had earlier this week is gone and we are back to typical, muggy Houston summer weather. Expect plenty of that this weekend with highs in the mid-90s and only a small chance of rain, the best chance coming on Sunday. Even then, don't hold your breath as high pressure has reasserted itself across Texas.

If you noticed it was rather pleasant outside last night, that was the benefit of drier air making it feel a little cooler than usual. That will not persist this weekend, unfortunately, but if you enjoy the hot summer sun, this would be your chance to get out in it.

By the middle of next week, it is going to get seriously hot again, perhaps even reaching 100 with very few chances of rain in sight.

Eye on the Tropics

The Atlantic remains quiet and that should continue probably right through the end of the month, but it won't stay that way for long. Expect things to start really heating up in the tropics by the first week of August and stay that way through the end of September.

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