What Are You Looking At?

What Are You Looking At?

What are you looking at here? A window pane shattered by a rock or bullet? Some kind of art project?

No. You are looking at.......

...yourself. If you live in Houston, that is.

This is a picture of the city taken by the most recent expedition to the International Space Station. (It's courtesy NASA, of course, but putting a credit on the photo might have given things away.)

The site On Orbit describes things:

Houston proper is at center, indicated by a "bull's-eye" of elliptical white to orange-lighted beltways and brightly lit white freeways radiating outwards from the central downtown area. Suburban and primarily residential urban land use is indicated by both reddish-brown and gray-green lighted regions that reflect a higher proportion of tree cover and lower light density. Petroleum refineries along the Houston Ship Channel are recognized by densely lit areas of golden yellow light.

Nice picture.


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