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What to do, what to do....

The truck show Monster Jam, which stops at Reliant Stadium this Saturday, should be right at home here. After all, from F350s to Hummers, there's something carnally Houstonian about gargantuan trucks. And pent-up anger from sitting in Galleria traffic or breathing in exhaust fumes makes us daydream about barreling down on Mazda Miatas. So what could be more glorious than watching an 11-foot-tall truck that can generate 2,000 horsepower crush lines of cars -- as well as motor homes, airplanes and anything else creative promoters throw in its way? -- Brett Koshkin

For more on Monster Jam, check out the Night & Day� section of this week's Houston Press, which also includes the 411 on a cake that'll circle City Hall, a new version of Hamlet and a Hungarian film that stretches seven hours.


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