When Elephant Yoga Isn't Enough

The other members of Tess's family.
The other members of Tess's family.

You know obesity is still a problem in America when it affects animals in our zoos. Elephant yoga just isn't enough to help pregnant Tess, an Asian elephant over at the Houston Zoo, shave off the pounds.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the pachyderm needs to shave some 500 pounds from her more than 7,000-pound frame to avoid any problems when she gives birth next year.

Tess, who's already got three kids -- we mean calfs -- is about 6 percent overweight, zoo officials told the Chronicle.

"There's the risk of the calf getting stuck, the calf getting too big," said Daryl Hoffman, curator of large mammals at the zoo. "We think it's better to try to be proactive to take a bit (of weight) off her ... it's easier and safer to take it off now than closer to the birth."

Here's to reaching your weight goal, Tess the elephant.

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