When Governors Tweetfight (It's Very Boring)

The Fail Whale is strong in these two
The Fail Whale is strong in these two

Texas A&M plays LSU in the Cotton Bowl tonight, and governors Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal can barely contain their dorky excitement.

Usually this results in some godawful BBQ vs. crawfish bet, but these guys are so hip-it-hurts that they've taken the taunting to Twitter.

And boy, is it....lame.

Perry offers some excerpt from an Aggie song (we're guessing):

@GovernorPerry There's a spirit can ne'er be told, it's the Spirit of Aggieland!! Go Ags BTHOlsu

Jindal, who -- we're told -- is not exactly the biggest follower of college football, responds with, yes, an Aggie joke.

@BobbyJindal Hey @GovernorPerry, how many freshman Aggies does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Geaux Tigers!

You want the linked hilarity? Here it is:

Oy. Jindal was a lot funnier in his State of the Union response, although we don't think he intended to be.

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