Where The Stimulus Jobs Will Be, By Congressional District

Where The Stimulus Jobs Will Be, By Congressional District
Photo by dcJohn

The winners and losers of Barack Obama's stimulus plan can be figured out -- to a degree -- by a new study by the White House's Council of Economic Advisors.

It breaks down by congressional district how many jobs will be created or saved by the act; the big loophole there, of course, comes from the words "or saved." It's a lot harder to quantify whether a job would have been lost without the act than it is to find a job directly created from stimulus funds.

But, for what it's worth, Texas is down for 269,000 jobs created or saved (out of a nationaide 3.5 million).

And here are the local districts, and how they fare:

The big winner, somehow, is among the least-industrialized areas: the 10th District, which begins in northwest Houston and stretches out to Brenham. It's down for 10,300 jobs; maybe Blue Bell is creating an Obama flavor.

The rest:

22nd District (Sugar Land and environs) -- 9,900
7th District (Northwest Houston, West U and Bellaire) -- 9,200
2nd District (Beaumont and Liberty) -- 8,700
14th District  (Galveston and Victoria) -- 8,300
9th District (Southwest Houston) -- 8,000
18th District (Central, South and North Houston) -- 7,600
29th District (Baytown and Galena Park) -- 7,300

Live in Baytown and want a stimulus job? Move to Brenham.

-- Richard Connelly

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