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Where’s My Millionaire At?

Last year, KHOU did

a story

on Houston’s 56,000 millionaires. To mark the occasion, then-Houstoned blog editor Steven Devadanam called up his millionaire buddy Mike and asked him

what it’s like to have a cool mil

. The answer: You can afford a mini-van and the salad at La Griglia.

But we have to call bullshit on Mike. From where we’re sitting, we think a million bucks would solve every problem we’ve ever had and ever will have. Maybe we’ll call Steven and get Mike’s number so we can discuss the issue with him. Over dinner. With wine. And candlelight.

Even if Mike’s busy, there’s still hope. A year later, according to the Houston Business Journal, the city has even more millionaires: 58,569, to be exact. -- Cathy Matusow


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