Where's the Rock?

Where's the Rock?

Online readers comment on "106.9 FM Gets in the Zone, Misses the Point?" Rocks Off blog, by Chris Gray, November 8:

Go deep: I hadn't tuned in to The Point in quite some time, so I'm not sure how alternative they had been leaning recently, but it sounds like you're basically going to be hearing the hits that The Buzz played through the end of the '90s that they're not really playing much of anymore. So on one hand they're hoping to get some of The Buzz listeners who liked that and miss it, but on the other hand, that could be why The Buzz is now No. 1, because they don't play that.

Huey Lewis, John Cougar, Bon Jovi and Def Leppard are gone from The Point play­list. It will be interesting to see if this new format gets some numbers. I for one enjoy the Lithium channel on Sirius/XM, but mostly for the slightly deeper cuts or songs that were singles but not monsters. A station with all hits from any era will sound stagnant and repetitive after a while.

Jarod Frank

We want rock: There is no real rock station in Houston anymore. Why is it that in every other city, even the smaller ones, there are great rock stations? I want to rock! Where is my rock? Why are the men and women of this city being underserved?

Outlaw Dave

No posers: It's pretty bad when Orange, Texas has a rock station and Houston has The Buzz. The Buzz reminds me of those posers in high school who only listened to a band right before they performed in concert at your home town. Once they were gone, they never listened to them until they came back around. I haven't heard a Godsmack song on "The Buzz" since the weekend they performed for Buzzfest. I imagine next month Ozzy will make it onto their playlist too. I want a real rock station in Houston too!

Big Jay

Down the stream: My wife and I stream Live365 through the iPhone and have never looked back! Come on, Chris. Pick up an iPhone and a player for the office. Join us in the 21st century. It's much cooler here.

Jef With One

Lame: Houston really does need some better rock stations...or needs a rock station. This is so lame that in the fourth-largest city, we have nothing. And The Buzz started going downhill long, long ago, after '97. I don't even know what genre you'd consider that. It's like Sunny 99.1 for the '90s generation.


Blame Clear Channel: Notice how much radio sucks now as opposed to the '70s and '80s? Ever wonder why? The industry was deregulated in the late '80s. That's how it happened. Republicans ruined your radio. Now stations are programmed at a national level as opposed to a local level. That's why formats don't change from market to market. That's why formats have gotten tighter and tighter. A lot of groups decide what to play by looking at Most Added lists. Well, when one group is as large as Clear Channel, they add a song and it drastically affects these lists. That's how Clear Channel can, effectively, program the entire industry. So, one group of suits in San Antonio decides for everyone what they will hear on the radio. Sounds great, doesn't it?


Missing the Point: I was a loyal Point listener from the very first day. I will not listen to this new station, because I want my Bon Jovi, Cyndi Lauper and Poison. I will now get satellite radio.


Not cool: Why doesn't rock have an awards show? Rock isn't cool or marketable anymore.


Save the Texans

Online readers respond to "Houston Texans — Do Something, Bob McNair," Hair Balls blog, by Sean Pendergast, November 8:

Scathing, awesome, so well put: I wish people inside the organization felt as pissed off as you and the rest of Harris County do.


Read Hair Balls, Bob: Now if we can only get Bob to read this. Or maybe he just wants to turn a blind eye to the situation but open them when it's time to collect...hmm?


Way short: You could not have analyzed the situation any better. Besides the poor in-game decision-making, which has really been a major issue this year, the overall state of the team after five years of Kubiak/Rick Smith is what stands out above all else.

These two have drafted, signed, traded for and put together exactly the team they wanted to fit the philosophy they believe in, with poor to mediocre results. Whether it's coaching, talent evaluation, inability to motivate, or all of the above, this regime has come up way short. Honestly, what more does Bob McNair need to see?


To the Matt: What I don't understand is the lack of blame placed on Matt Schaub. He has been horrible this year. He is looking more and more like David Carr out there. He looks quickly at Andre Johnson, then dumps it to the tight end or running back. Why is Kevin Walter not getting any passes thrown his way? While you get what you get with an Aggie leading this team, Schaub deserves blame as well. Doesn't he have the 'nads to call a timeout and say, 'I don't think a quarterback sneak with two yards to go is the right decision'? He has missed so many open receivers this year. He just is looking like a bottom 15 quarterback. We are in for a long rebuilding process once again. No talent on D; offense is decent, if we run the farking ball. Oh, and Brian Merriman, I mean Cushing, needs to start "over training" again, because he is a flat-out no-show.


It's Bob: The problem is Bob McNair. He can't hire a decent coach — Dom Capers and now Kubiak. McNair is the problem with the team, and now he says Kubiak is doing a good job? McNair is happy to keep collecting our money, and until we stop supporting the team, he will not make a change.




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