We hear the thieves are big fans of its offroad handling capabilities.

Who's the Ford Tough Guy Now?

Earlier this month we told you how Ford really is the best in Texas,

in terms of getting stolen, that is


Turns out Ford trucks are also the most popularly ganked vehicles in Houston as well.

All of which should make rodeo-goers weary, according to the Houston Police Department. KHOU has the story:

Now, with the rodeo in town HPD worries thousands of unsuspecting out of towners driving trucks will be targeted.

If not for thefts then at least burglaries.

"We plan on seeing an increase in the burglary of motor vehicles. That's what happened during the weekend of the motorcross. One particular hotel was targeted and they had five vehicles broken into in an overnight period." Officer [Jim] Woods doubts there'll be any truck thefts at Reliant Stadium.

Welcome to Houston. Now get out of the car, hick. — Keith Plocek


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