Wikipedia Doesn't Think Much of Astros GM Ed Wade

Wikipedia Doesn't Think Much of Astros GM Ed Wade

Wikipedia, the absolutely, impeccably never-wrong source of all information, apparently isn't impressed with Astros General Manager Ed Wade.

The opening, in case you can't read it up there:

Ed Wade (born January 31, 1956) is the current General Manager of the Houston Astros and as a result of his many sometimes suspiciously one-sided trades with the Philadlphia Phillies is now considered by some to be an advance scout for the Philadelphia Phillies. These trades have led many to say that the Astros are the real AAA franchise of the Phillies. Wade is currently ranked the 29th best general manager in Sports Illustrated.

Ouch. The item continues in much the same way.

Is Wikipedia ever wrong?

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