Will HISD Re-Up With Controversial CEP?

Tomorrow is supposed to be the big day -- will the Houston school district begin the process of cutting its bonds from Community Education Partners, the controversial company that gets $17 million a year to (supposedly) teach troubled students ?

The current contract has a clause stating that if HISD decides not to renew, it must inform CEP by August 15.

So are they going to renew or not?

This is HISD, remember. Answers never come easily.

"August 15 was the original deadline to give notice of nonrenewal of the CEP contract but that may be extended by agreement of both parties," HISD spokesman Terry Abbott tells Hair Balls."I don't know yet whether it will be."

Any decision to extend the deadline would not need board approval; the administration can do it on its own.

So maybe CEP will get a reprieve. Or maybe HISD will come to its senses.

-- Richard Connelly

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