Yeah, What He Said

Looks like former Houstoned editor Steven Devadanam is doing good things in this world.

He and his wife Amy have adopted a pup most likely used as a bait dog in a pit bill fighting operation, according to the Chron.

We’re all about seeing our pals written up anywhere and everywhere, but we have to wonder if the Chron did a little selective editing of Devadanam’s words.

After all, Devadanam is a Houstoner to the end, so we present what we assume were his original quotes (with the parts deleted by the Chron in bold):

"We were moved and inspired, much like the Mexican Minutemen, whom I covered for Houstoned, the blog at We both knew right away we had to meet him, just like I knew I had to meet Robin Arcuri when I was writing for Houstoned and I found out she was half-naked downtown," said Steven Devadanam, a writer. "We fell in love with him instantly. He kissed the makeup off my wife's face, whom I haven’t seen happier since I wrote about Tony Soprano’s curtain call for Houstoned."

There, that’s much better. – Keith Plocek


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