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Debating Best of Houston®

Online readers weigh in on our Best of Houston® issue, September 24:

Best Criminal Defense Attorney: Brian Wice


2009 Best of Houston�

A fine attorney: I wholeheartedly agree that Brian Wice is Houston's finest appellate attorney. Wice has worked tirelessly for my sister, Susan Wright, for five long years. He has proven himself to be passionate about serving in the best interest of his client. My sister and I have a great respect and appreciation for Wice, and if she were able to publish to this Web site, I am sure that she would share my sentiments.

Cindy Stewart

Best Sign: The Colorado

This sign is an ejaculating penis: Drive by it at night in all its lighted glory and tell me it isn't an ejaculating penis.

marky mark

Observation: I thought it was so weird after Hurricane Ike when the lights were still out. It looked like a cross.


Best Hidden Neighborhood: Glenbrook Valley

No noise: I've lived in Glenbrook Valley for over a year and have rarely heard a plane. The runways at Hobby are oriented so that GV is not in the flight path. I'm not young or particularly hip, but I wouldn't live anywhere else.

Glenbrook Valley

Glenbrook girl: People are so quick to think there are airplanes flying over. I've lived here for ten years, and I've only heard them a handful of times. We are so spoiled here. Taxes are low, and lots and homes are huge. It's ten minutes to downtown and 15 minutes to Kirby Village. I better stop.


Best Place to People-Watch: Hermann Park

Well said: Once I was there on MLK Day, enjoying the festivities but also painting a landscape of the reflecting pond, and all day, little kids came by, all curious. Most wanted to pick up a brush and add to the painting. I happily complied, and now, it's a nice (and not too bad-looking) reminder of that day.


Best Bar: The Mink

Stinky Mink: I like The Mink, and I've certainly seen some surprisingly good shows in the Back Room, but lately the place has been smelling like sewage.


Best New Club: Mango's

I can't believe this place won: The time I went, I asked for a Jack and Coke, they had no Coke and no Jack. As a last resort, I was offered a Jim Beam and root beer. Will not go back again.


Really? Last time I went here the a/c was out, and everyone looked 12.


Best Sports Bar: Buffalo Wild Wings

Uh, no: Terrible place, terrible food. The correct answer is Trey's Sports Bar on Fountainview.


I'll second that: You can't even get them to put on the Astros. I know they are horrible, but this is still Houston, right?


Best Movie Theater with Dinner: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Lightbulb: Wouldn't it be great if there were an Alamo Drafthouse in the recently vacated Alabama Theater?


Best Dance Company: Dominic Walsh Dance ­Theater

Big fan: Dominic is the most talented choreographer of our time. His works of art are inspiring and dramatic, yet relevant to our time and reflective. Just as you begin to grow a bit contented, he throws you a curve ball. I love his work so much that my husband and I flew to Houston in May to see the Trilogy on Mozart. It was a wonderful trip and we loved the work so much, we are planning another trip to Houston to see the rep in May.


Best Vintage Clothing Store:The Way We Wore

I love The Way We Wore: They have the best clothes and the employees are always so helpful and nice. The prices are good and there are not a lot of places to find true "vintage" clothes anymore. Thanks The Way We Wore!!!

hipster x25

Best Video Store: Movies! The Store

Awesome! We love this place. It's like High Fidelity, but with movies.


Best Comic Book Store: Third Planet

A sick fan of Bedrock City: This is actually sickening to read. I have gone to every comic shop in Houston, and I have searched for the best of the best, and I found that in Bedrock City. The people there not only care about the comics and merchandise they sell, but they care about the customers they sell them to. I've never felt more at home in a comic shop, or in any shop for that matter. I look forward to my Wednesdays after class so that, not only can I pick up the newest issues of some of my favorite series, but so I can see some good people who love what they are doing.

Bedrock City is Houston's premier comic shop, hands down, no argument, and if someone can't realize that, then I guess they haven't seen the light.

Half Beard

Best New Restaurant: Poscol

Finally: This is a good restaurant where it's about eating and drinking and not glad-handing. Laid-back, democratic, informed and pumping out good stuff consistently, night after night. It's about time we had something for drinkers who love to eat and don't want to stuff themselves.

Chauncy Lamche

Best Cajun Restaurant: BB's Cajun Cafe

Yum: It's an excellent little joint, and their menu item "Montrose Madness" might be the best icky-double-entendre food item in town. (It's a sausage with chili on it.)

Shut Up and Eat!

BB's bender: As someone who recently moved to Korea, I made sure to have my last lunch in Houston at BB's. The Morning Magic with the eggs scrambled is heaven between bread. It's so good, I ordered it twice in one day. It also is a much, much, much, much better late-night option than Katz's.

Stephen Kim

Best Italian Restaurant: Da Marco

It's just fair: Marco is turning out stuff that Tony or Damian might have sent someone abroad to find out about. We're lucky to have a restaurant like this after so much cheesiness and same-stuff boredom.

Da Marco is more pan-Italian than Northern Italian. Yes, he's from Friuli in the north, but his food draws from all regions of Italy, which is one reason it's a lot more fun than the rest.


Best Japanese Restaurant: Genji ­Japanese Restaurant & Karaoke Bar

A joke: This you're obviously kidding about. It's a karaoke bar, for chrissakes! The food cannot be compared to a decent place like Sushi King or Kaneyama down the street. This is the most inane choice I've ever seen. What's wrong? I love Genji, but more to pick up chicks and drink. Please say you're not serious.


Best Greek Restaurant: Yia Yia Mary's Greek Kitchen

Grow the fuck up! Emphatically, you have a bug up your ass that you'd not name Niko Niko's for anything. What's with the diss of Niko's? Too popular for you? You haven't done it first? Can't talk with them? This grudge is truly juvenile.


Best Spanish Restaurant: Oporto

Leave the Loop: Thanks much, but I'll drive to Rioja on Westheimer. They don't look at you with a shrug, deer-in-the-headlights look when you order real Spanish food. And the wine is actually good and (gasp) cheap. Oporto is mediocre for your money, unless you can't leave the Loop to experience real Spanish food and wine.


Best Burger: 105 Grocery & Deli

Seriously? This place is over an hour from Houston. This is called the "Best of Houston," not "Best of Southeast Texas." I have to believe there is a better place to have a burger somewhere in the city of Houston.


Stupid inner-Loop yuppie wannabe hacks: It's a good thing you don't charge money for this bullshit. I don't know why I waste any time reading this ridiculous excuse of a cat litter liner. Washington is not part of Houston, you idiots! Your editor and all of the writers are a bunch of stupid ­inner-Loop yuppie wannabe hacks.



Our Best of Houston® blurb for Best Place to Meet Single Women should have been awarded to the Singles Ministry at the Windsor Valley United Methodist Church at the Kingdom Builders Center. Alas, we left out the name of the church.


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