You Heard It Here First

You Heard It Here First

The Press and Prius: The rest of the world is just getting hip to the Prius and other Toyota issues, yet the Press was reporting it almost a year ago ["Wild Rides," by Paul Knight, April 23, 2009]. This is why I keep telling folks who want the real deal to check out the Houston Press! Keep up the great work!

Ray Johnson


Prius troubles

After the Wreck

Overzealous prosecutor: I have worked at the courthouse for more than 20 years, and when I heard Warren Diepraam had left the DA's office, I was extremely happy ["Crash Reports," by John Nova Lomax, February 4, 2010]. He may be a fabulous fellow, but he is a zealot, which makes him dangerous in his capacity as a prosecutor. I could not believe I had to start warning my family to be careful when they drove. If, God forbid, you hurt someone or killed them, on top of your grief, the DA's office was going to try to send you to the penitentiary. I understand a family's grief, and we're not talking reckless driving, we're talking an accident. I knew he had to have an ulterior motive — judgeship, federal appointment, whatever — but I could never figure it out. I'm just glad he is gone and more reasonable heads prevail. If you use this letter, please do not use my name. I still work there.

Name withheld by request

Online readers weigh in:

Scot-free: I'm sorry for the Morrison family. So Rosa Villegas-Vatres, after ruining the lives of the Morrison family, didn't get ticketed, was treated at the hospital at our expense and now will go scot-free. That's American justice for you. Wow, it just takes your breath away how fair the system is. I wonder what percentage of accidents is caused by people without insurance and without licenses. What countries are they from? Besides the reasons given, I wonder why the current administration would want to get rid of cases like this.

Susan Lynn

Absolutely sickening: This woman should have been instantly thrown in jail and stripped of any given American privileges. I don't care who she helped for what reason. She does not deserve to be in this country. Send her back and let her people deal with her how they may.


Well: Shit happens.

Montrose Gayborhood

Hey Garrett: You are right, "shit happens." However, maybe one day you will understand that when it "happens" to your loved one, it takes on a whole new perspective.

Surviving Brother
Frank Morrison
Corpus Christi

Perry, Palin and the Press

Online readers weigh in on "Perry & Palin, Sittin' in a Tree: Empty Seats, Bad Music and Lots of Old White People," Hair Balls blog, by Pete Vonder Haar, February 8:

Hmmmm: I'm really surprised they even let you in. There's usually a "no whiny, sarcastic, idiot leftist" rule.


Excellent job of reporting: I don't see what Palin's presence bought Perry — he already has the idiot vote sewn up. He really should be trying to appeal to the centrists.


A liberal's left-wing report! I hear thatthe place was 3/4 filled.

Sarah Palin is a nightmare for left-leaning liberals like Pete Vonder Haar. You guys are running scared — I would suggest people commenting on this board go and read other articles concerning this rally.

Don't step on Ted Nugent. He is a 100 percent conservative, and you guys just can't stand it. He performed at the huge tea party in San Antonio hosted by Glenn Beck. There were between 12,000 and 15,000 people there, and the local newspaper reported 5,000.

You liberals need to get a grip. You will never destroy Sarah, try as you might! Give it up. We love her — and we love Rick. Get over it!

Patricia Adam

Very stupid comment: What an idiotic comment about such an accomplished jurist as Justice Eva Guzman. Have you looked at her record??? Five thousand cases in three years. Elected three times. She worked her way to the top and is a wonderful role model to all.


Reader Reviews

Online readers weigh in on "Mex on the Beach," by Robb Walsh, February 2:

You nailed this review, Robb: Between a laid-back owner, a semi-informed waitstaff and a very ambitious kitchen behind Wiley, Yelapa has disconnect written all over. Nonetheless, I'm so glad they've raised the bar — as they have — and look forward to trying again.

PS: You're right about sweetness. My buds crave tart or herbal, never sweet until dessert.


I can't agree more: The first reviews were great, but I found the place frustrating, with a poorly informed staff and innovative but mixed food. I'm not sure it's worth the price, especially given the uncomfortable chairs.


Terrible waiter service: Enough said. Perhaps if we were part of the Twitter club who Tweet and re-Tweet their praises, we would have had a better experience. We aren't part of the club of Twitterers we saw Tweeting it up and who seemed to get primo attention and service.

Our waiter was very frustrating. Also, we were disappointed to be told they were out of meat — so no meat enchiladas for us. Boo. It was a Monday night, so we understand on that one. Overall, I give credit to the unique flavors, but I think it's a tad overrated considering the prices and the terrible service.


Cover Story

Online readers comment on "Are You Listening, @TexasMonthly?" Eating Our Words blog, by Cathy Matusow, February 4:

From the editor: Easy there, Papa Beav, just step away from the fish...

Pat Sharpe
Texas Monthly food editor

I don't agree with his methods: Why does everybody feel like they need to be in the limelight? Then they go to lame extremes (like his little campaign) to get there? Hey people, get back in the kitchen and do what you do best, cook. Stop making chefs look silly with all of this media douchebaggery.


For the record: I started Tweeting this and asking for re-Tweets after Randy Rucker made a comment about a funny photo of JJ. I did it for no other reason than the fact that I love JJ, Beaver's and their food. There are many great, young, fun chefs in this town, and I just like to see them appreciated.

There are no extreme measures here...just people having a good time.


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