Your Big Chance To Go All Post-Apocalyptic And Be On TV

Are you yearning to live in a post-apocalyptic world? Live the cheerful, happy-go-lucky life portrayed in The Road?

You're getting your chance. Houston is one of a handful of cities where the producers of the Discovery Channel reality show The Colony are holding open tryouts. They say:

A group of eleven strangers must co-exist in a simulated, post-apocalyptic world. The world as you know it is gone - there is no water, no food, no communication, no power. It's now up to you and eleven strangers to fend for yourselves as you rebuild society and re-engineer the world as you once knew it.

If you understand the science of survival, if you have a skill that would help you and others survive after a catastrophe, if you are ambitious, motivated, resourceful under pressure and willing to un-tap your personal ingenuity, we are looking for you.

Wow: The Dallas suburbs are tougher than we thought.

Alicia Good, who'll be running the tryouts, tells Hair Balls you don't need to demonstrate your ability to make a radio out of coconuts, a la Gilligan's Island.

"No," he says, it's "just talking to me. I cast both seasons. I'm pretty good at talking to people and figuring out if they're right for the show. If I think they are right they will be asked back to a 'Call back' where I will put them on camera and have them fill out an application."

To apply, click here and select The Colony 2.


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