You're Looking Like That To Rob A Bank, FBI Asks Incredulously

The FBI, in its never-ending effort to stem the rising tide of bank robberies in Houston, is now turning to fashion criticism.

Always anxious to grab media attention, they've gone beyond nicknaming robbers to providing a Mr. Blackwell take on things.

A pair of white folks robbed a Wells Fargo back yesterday in town; the FBU put out a release dubbing them a "Wannabe Bonnie & Clyde."

Then they started dissing the style of the perps. 

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"The woman is described as a white female, 5'2", 115-120 pounds with a small build and a light complexion," the FBI noted. "She had brown long hair pulled sloppily in a pony tail, black and green nail polish, and overall witnesses said she looked dirty."


Girl, we don't know what's worse: the sloppy ponutail, the mixed-color manicure or the overall dirty look.

Or the robbing of the bank.

Anyway, call Crime Stoppers with any tips. Or further fashion criticism.

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