One of underground hip-hop's more challenging artists, Los Angeles rapper Busdriver's flow is both instinctive and adroit, filled with lightning-fast runs, dazzling flashes of poetry and impressive vocal shapeshifting. He leaps from impish, sing-songy elocution to a half-speed, haunted croon, to a manic attack that's strangely reminiscent of Mr. Bungle-era Mike Patton, believe it or not. Marry that to peculiar imagery, confusing allusions, odd couplets, illogical tangents and experimental production, and you've got the aural equivalent of a David Lynch flick: Beautiful and, at times, utterly baffling. A graduate of the acclaimed Project Blowed hip-hop collective (which also counts Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, and Pigeon John among its many alumni), Bus just... More >>>