In other people's minds (if not his own), "musician" has slipped a few notches on Kinky Friedman's résumé in the past few years, beneath "best-selling mystery novelist," "animal-rights crusader," "former gubernatorial candidate" and "current Texas Agriculture Commissioner candidate." After taking a gander at his campaign schedule, stepping off the stump and onto the stage must be downright relaxing for the Kinkster. Music is where it all started for Friedman, who was dubbed the "Frank Zappa of country music" in the early '70s thanks to the biting wit of songs like "Homo Erectus" and "Ride 'Em Jewboy." But even then, his controversy-courting tunes such as "Get Your Biscuits in the Oven" and "Asshole from El Paso" obscured how tender and reflective he could be on "Rapid City, South Dakota" or "Sold American." Besides, Friedman remains the only artist to... More >>>