Straight outta famously rocking Whittier, California, scream these four, sometimes five, cheeky lads who, hanging out in a park late one night, formed a band that would tell a different story about what was really going on in their hardcore- and metalhead-clogged hood. Playing on borrowed equipment at East L.A. backyard parties and warehouses, they worked up an almost frighteningly frenzied brand of punky disco-dance typa stuff and released it on The Bootleg EP, which features the righteously snotty "New York City Moves to the Sound of L.A." and three other nicely non-derivative originals. The herky-jerky precision of their bass-heavy attack owes as much to cold-ass electro as to any het-up vintage punk-rock poop, and they don't skimp on the cowbells and timbales. What more could you ask... More >>>