Ah, Lords of Acid: Lusty pleather, bondage a-go-go, cyber-punk fishnets and a flurry of kaleidoscopic LSD imagery that could give anyone over 65 an instant seizure. These are the things that made this aggressively sexualized Belgian industrial techno band fronted by Praga Khan a definitive brand in the '90s – well, that and track names like "Pussy," "Heaven Is an Orgasm" and "I Sit on Acid," which seemed way naughtier back then. While the band's resurgence might come as a surprise (their Web site's news page hasn't been updated since 2002), the name of the tour – "Sextreme Ball 2010" – won't shock anyone familiar with this memorable parade of misfits. Definitely go and get your freak on; who knows when (or if)... More >>>