Aside from being an unfunny overplayed joke, the term "no homo," as used by Lil Wayne, is hip-hop's admission of homophobia. When Lil Wayne says, "Tevin Campbell, No Homo, Black Rambo" in "Feel Me," he really needs us to know he is not gay. He mans it up a little more by throwing in the "Black Rambo" at the end of the line. Weezy's New Orleans neighbor, Big Freedia, meanwhile, is a pioneer in the unlikely genre known as "sissy bounce." The sound has the speed and kick of Miami bass, with the call and response of gospel music. Sissy bounce artists are usually homosexual or transgendered, with a sexually ambiguous style and flair. Friday, Freedia will bounce her big, sexy, sissy ass — "Azz Everywhere" is both a signature song and an apt description of her shows — at Fitz's at her first Houston stop since a barely promoted Meridian appearance shortly after she and sissy bounce... More >>>