The headlights flashing in Marc Kajs's rearview mirror were familiar. The light blue Honda Prelude had been following him for 20 miles that day. The 28-year-old waiter had worked the dinner shift at Urbana, and now he just wanted to go home and get to sleep -- he had to get up early Sunday morning to serve brunch. But the Prelude was behind him again, honking and then in front of him swerving, trying to run him off the road. This had been happening for months. At the stoplight, Marc's ex-boyfriend, Ilhan Yilmaz, got out of the Prelude, walked up to Marc's window and pounded on it, threatening to kill Marc. He said he was going to ruin both their lives. If Marc didn't love him, Ilhan didn't want anyone to have him -- and Ilhan didn't want to... More >>>