As anyone who has ever lived there knows, Nashville is two places. There is the Nashville that the world knows and -- well, perhaps "loves" is a bit strong, but is certainly well acquainted with -- the Music City, USA, the place of sealed-for-your-protection country and antiseptic tourist traps. Then there is the other, more real Nashville, the one that, for lack of a better term, rocks. This is the Nashville of lean and hungry musicians, of whiskey-soaked after-hours parties, impromptu jams that extend into next week. This is the Nashville of Elliston Place, the Douglas Corner Cafe and the Bluebird, venues where some of world's finest session players, set free from another day's toil in the studio "polishing turds" (as they call it), go sit in somewhere and play for love instead of lucre. The world is all too aware of Music City's hit-factory megastars, but not too keen on its rock-and-soul singers like Jonell... More >>>