Call it the second-oldest profession in the world. It's certainly one of the most quintessentially American: Few professions combine sex, capitalism, violence and self-gratification in quite the way that pimping does. It's like perpetual adolescence, allowing those who practice the profession well to surround themselves with beautiful and willing ladies, rake in the tax-free cash and behave in an impulsive and violent manner toward anyone who "disrespects" them. Small wonder that there are those who fantasize about being pimps, from Dolemite to Kid Rock to the WWF's Godfather. And yet the popular image of pimps is so outrageously over the top -- a high-pitched fast-talker with platform shoes, unfeasibly huge hat, garish clothes and the world's most conspicuous automobile -- that it's easy to wonder if there is any reality whatsoever to... More >>>