Through the back door of Austin's Continental Club, Steve Wertheimer hauls four stacked jumbo plastic garbage cans. The club owner loads his freight into the bed of his pickup truck and fastens everything down with a rope. Rolled-up blueprints and construction checklists are nestled on the dashboard as we pull away from the curb. Soon as we hit Highway 71, heading east, Wertheimer's focus seems to shift from Austin to our destination, Houston, the location for his second Continental Club. It's already June, and he and his cohorts are scurrying to get the place open in time. "I don't know if it is possible to be jealous of something that belongs to you, that you have an interest in, but it's a great room," he says, anticipating the thrill of showing this writer, something of a Continental Club regular, the even larger, 299-person capacity... More >>>