"Be cool, get chicks." While that's paraphrased and boiled down, it's nonetheless the essential creed of Dex (Donal Logue), the corpulent connoisseur of carnality who lumbers through this debut feature from Jenniphr Goodman as if he were Paul Bunyan and every woman in sight were a tree. Overweight and underemployed, Dex is a man with a mission in bed. Or in the library, which is where we first meet him, hastily humping frumpy Beth (Ayelet Kaznelson) while her oblivious husband, Ed (John Hines), mingles outside at their ten-year college reunion. Ushered into the story by strains of Tex-Mex/zydeco lite plus a shelf of works by all the great dead male philosophers, we linger briefly and mysteriously upon one... More >>>